Krohne Viscoline In-Line Viscometer

Viscoline In-Line Viscometer, Krohne's New Rheometer photoViscosity Measuring System

  • 4 pressure cells with Stainless Steel membranes
  • 2 differential pressure transmitters
  • 1 control box

How It Works: Measuring Principle

The fluid flows through a continuous pipe containing two low pressure drop static mixers.

The sensor device measures the pressure drop at both static mixers by means of two differential pressure measurements: ∆P1 and ∆P2.

Pipe flow rate is required to accurately determine the flow regime to which the viscosity is to be calculated. Pipe flow rate can be obtained from either an external data measurement or with a flow meter. Flow rate measurement is not integrated in the Viscoline.

From the two pressure drop measurements and the flow rate reading, the fluid flow parameters are processed in the system, and the pipe line viscosity is determined. A temperature reading can be useful for thermal correction, when a reference measurement is required. Such correction requires laboratory thermal characterization or dual measurement.

  • Time (hr:min)
  • Viscosity (cp)
  • Solid (%)
Technical specifications
Viscosity 10 to 150.000 Cp
Typical shear rate 50 to 500 s-1
Temperature 23 to 400 F -5 to 200 C
Pressure 10 to 150.000 Cp 70 to 1.000 kPa
Wetted material SS304 SS316
Pipe diameter 1 to 4 in DN 25 to 100
Mounting 2 horizontal sections
Control box Nema 4X IP 65
Power supply 115-220 V 50-60 HZ
Inputs Volumetric flow rate 4-20 mA
Outputs Viscosity, temperature, shear rate, flow indexes
4-20 mA Modbus TCP over Ethernet

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CODE HINT: lowercase "t", uppercase "A", lowercase "w"

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