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Product Specific Market Experience Serving The Ohio Industrial Process Industry.

  Veteran-Owned manufacturers' representative agency serving the process instrumentation and hazardous area electrical and automation industries on a continuing basis within Ohio for over 24 years. With over 40+ years of combined experience Delta Instrumentation, Inc. has and is continuously developing long-term relationships with key decision makers including clients’ key Senior and Engineering management to provide valuable solutions within the industry.


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Markets We Serve

Oil and Gas

*The Badger Meter

RCT1000 Coriolis mass

flow meter simultaneously

measures true mass flow

and density reading. The

Coriolis meter identifies flow

rate by directly measuring fluid mass over a wide range of temperatures with a high degree of accuracy. The Coriolis flow meter’s unobstructed, open-flow design makes it suitable for a variety of viscous, nonconductive fluids.

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Industrial Process Instrumentation

Precision Flow, Level, Temperature, Analytical

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Hazardous Location Information

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Smart Pressure & DP Transmitters

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Fixed Gas Detection

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Power Instruments

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Pressure Information

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Premium Process Controllers and Displays

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Data Acquisition, Indicators and Wireless

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Belt Scales, Switches & Monitors

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 Manufacturer Info

BADGER Badger Meter offers innovative flow metering and control solutions for smart water management, smart buildings and smart industrial processes, to help measure and protect resources for a smarter world.


STAHL, a leading supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection offers several decades of experience. Wherever there are explosive gas-air mixtures or dusts, our products prevent explosions. With the highest degree of reliability and quality we ensure the safety of persons, the environment and technology. As a traditional company with more than 80 years' experience in explosion protection,
STAHL covers all ignition protection classes for the explosion protection of electrical equipment or systems. We are always in a position to design and implement the optimum solution. Our broad product range allows explosion protection ranging from a
connection box to a fieldbus system. International certifications, approvals and patents underline our competence and allow our products and systems to be used worldwide.

About Williamson

Williamson is a family-owned manufacturer of exceptionally accurate infrared pyrometers for industrial applications. Founded in 1951, Williamson has prided itself in making the most accurate temperature measurements in traditionally difficult to measure applications. Williamson is passionate about helping customers improve their processes through accurate and reliable temperature control. Through thoughtful pyrometer design and careful attention to wavelength selection, Williamson pyrometers can accurately view through common industrial interferences including steam, flames, combustion gasses, water, plasma and oil.

Williamson infrared pyrometers are used in a number of different industries including steel, aluminum, copper, petrochemical, semiconductor, and flame-fired processes. We understand that each customer’s application is unique to their process, and our approach is to work with the customer to design application-specific pyrometers, to ensure you get most reliable and accurate pyrometer for your process.

Experts in level, volume and flow measurement

Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd manufactures and supplies level, volume, open channel flow, pipe flow, sludge interface measurement and pump control instrumentation.

Since 1997, Pulsar has risen to become one of the world-leading non-contacting measurement instrumentation manufacturers and their products are used in a wide variety of industries and applications worldwide.

By taking a step forward in echo processing technology, Pulsar has been able to address applications previously thought to be beyond the scope of ultrasonic level measurement and their improved initial signal processing at the transducer head has made it possible to increase resistance to electrical noise thus widening the number of possible applications.

Pulsar’s award-winning products are favoured worldwide due to their reliability and easy menu-driven set-up. Pulsar’s product range has been designed to provide a full range of alternatives, from single point of measurement installations right through to complex multi-point applications with digital communications and levels of measurement.

Process Instrumentation – Flow meters, Level Transmitters, Smart Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters, Contacting and Non-Contacting Temperature, Analytical Process Instrumentation, Optical (Photometric & Spectroscopic), Fixed Toxic and Combustible Gas Detection Instruments, Nuclear Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters, Power Instruments.

Process Automation/Control –  Hazardous Location Electrical & Automation Products, Purge Systems, Intrinsically Safe Barriers and Isolators, Process Indicators and Transmitters, Digital Panel Meters, PID Process and Temperature Controllers, Annunciators, Multi-Channel Controllers, Loop-powered Indicators, Flow Rate Meters and Totalizers, Batch Controllers, Pump Controllers, Single and Multi-idler Belt Scales.

Delta Instrumentation - Industrial Process Automation and Instrumentation  Services

*The ALL NEW PTFM 6.1 is designed for challenging flow applications in industrial environments. Easily deployed whenever you need it, whether

you need flow

measurement when

you didn't have it

before, or you need

to prove that your

existing system is

performing properly.

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